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Beautiful, shiny and healthy hair!

However, age, stress and chemical treatments results in hair that is weak, dull, and faded. What if there was something that could help TURN BACK THE TIME?


As a woman ages, her hair becomes depleted of nutrients and proteins that contribute to hair’s overall health and vitality. Add in a lifetime of chemical services and you can be left with hair that is dull, lifeless and limp.

The NO INHIBITION Age Renew system reverses these effects by adding nutrients lost through time and chemical processing back into aging hair. z.one concept’s research laboratories have crafted the perfect blend of cutting edge scientific innovation and nourishing organic ingredients to restore fullness, life and shine to “experienced” strands. The key ingredients in the Age Renew line each have their integral role to play, in turning back the hands of time.

The Ingredients

This revolutionary new system uses a powerful combination of cutting-edge technology and nourishing organic ingredients to not only combat the signs of aging in hair, but to actually reverse its effects. While each of Age Renew’s three key ingredients is a powerhouse on its own, together they are strong enough to undo the damage inflicted on ravaged hair, restoring it to its original state of health.

Combined with hydrolyzed rice proteins, this potent antioxidant has an anti-aging effect, improving the hair’s appearance for increased luster, vibrant color, and manageability.

Reverses the aging process by stimulating melanogenesis, the pigmentation process, increasing the percentage of highly pigmented cells in the hair bulb. It also acts on the scalp and helps delay the appearance of grey hairs.

A strong natural antioxidant that helps to protect and prolong hair color. Helps to give hair luster and to enhance natural or cosmetic hair color resulting in extraordinary brilliance.



The NO INHIBITION Age Renew line starts with the powerful in salon Revitalizing Treatment. This professional only service gives hair the elements in needs to delay the aging process and an immediate lifting and filling effect while also protecting and strengthening the hair.


The hyaluronic acid mixing base is a luxurious blend of osmotic water, hyaluronic acid and rice proteins that enhances the beneficial and positive effects of Age Renew on the hair.

The NO INHIBITION Age Renew line covers all facets of hair care, ensuring that the damage reversal effects are maintained from professional treatment, to daily care.

  • Strengthen and nourish the hair for maximum shine
  • Maintain the moisture balance of the scalp and hair
  • Improve the hair’s body
  • Protect hair color, whether natural or cosmetic
  • Decrease the porosity of the hair
  • Protect the hair from pollution and UV rays




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111 Cherry Street, New Canaan, CT 06840 203.966.3337
155 Larchmont Avenue, Larchmont, NY 10538 914.834.6166
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